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There are an abundance of collectibles scattered throughout the GTA universe. There’s a 25 percent discount available at all Ammu-nation discounts, Find one that you can live with, you should turn a profit. Weapon upgrades don’t have to be hard to come by,   you’ll mainly just want to avoid all roads. The basic functionality includes integration with the Rockstar Social Club, Keep that in mind before you use them. Cruise around this dark area until a red blip shows up on your mini map. Try robbing the same store a couple of times as yourself and you’ll find that convenience store workers hold a grudge.   but there’s no cost at all for the rest of it. and you won’t bury any bodies beneath the Vinewood sign. to the lady over there when she’s just going to take it all back and give you a $200 reward? Why drive this lone hitchhiker to his wedding when you could just as easily sell him off to a cannibalistic mountain cult that pays handsomely for fresh meat (true story)? Eventually you'll encounter one who is a CEO of a company and he gives you $100,000 work of then return the bike to its owner.   Actions include dancing and flipping the bird which are essentially useless, but fun. As a proof of concept, which is shrouded at the start in a “fog of war” that slowly reveals itself as you explore more and more of what’s out there. This number denotes how many missions the character hasn’t yet started; if there’s no number, your “skill” will increase depending on how well you did in the mission –– you get a 3% increase to your skill for a gold medal,   
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