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Dad has retired for

Dad has retired for more than ten years. During the seven or eight years after retirement, my two sisters and I advised him to move to the city every year. He always used all kinds of excuses to block us. In the past five or six years, we never persuaded him to live in the city. His farmhouse has let us linger on, and I am always tired of going back to him to run optimistic and open-minded, like planting trees. Dish, but also love to pay attention to a show. In the past few years, his farmhouse has been picked up like a small villa. Imitating the layout of the building in the city, a set of three-bedroom, two-bedroom, 100-square-meter house covers are tall and bright, and the white ceramic tiles on the outer wall are clean and elegant. The 30-square-meter living room is transparent to the north and south, with white walls and floor tiles. A long row of red wooden sofas is placed on the west wall. A pair of red plum primula paintings with a length of five meters is hung on the upper part of the sofa. On the opposite wall is a single-word "Zen" of the five-foot square of Shaanxi calligrapher Nogawa, thick and smooth. Of course, these two paintings are all I gave him from others. The entire living room is quite a bit of the atmosphere and brilliance of the ancient staff. Out of the living room, there is a big leaf old banyan tree ten meters away from the living room door in the yard. The tree is more than ten meters high. The luxuriant tree crown is five or six meters in diameter, and it has a strong crown to cover the sky. According to my father, this banyan tree was planted from the school on the second day of the tree planting festival. It has been nearly 30 years since. The leaves are twice as large as the leaves of the common eucalyptus, and they are in the color of the lotus. They are densely clustered like grapes, and they do not see the trunks and branches. In the early morning, it was still bright, and there were dozens of birds in the thick leaves to open the morning meeting. The old banyan tree became the hall of the birds. After the sun came out, they flew for food. Walking forward through the old banyan tree is a vegetable plot, about one acre of land surrounded by red brick wall, the rows of hot peppers, tomatoes, beans, cabbage, cucumber long green oil is very popular. The gate of the yard is on the east side. There are two pine trees at the entrance of the courtyard. There are two rows of banyan trees on the outside of the courtyard. The squares trimmed by the father are neatly arranged, just like two soldiers standing guard. On the outskirts of these two rows of eucalyptus trees are two rows of tall willow trees, five or six meters high, the breeze is over, and the willow branches are gently shaken with the wind. There is also a human landscape in the yard that has forgotten the introduction Marlboro Lights. That is, under the old banyan tree of the Chinese crown, it is a four-sided canvas pavilion. Four metal brackets are fixed on the ground, and the entire yard is smooth concrete floor. In the pavilion is a square wooden table and two long wooden benches with backrests around the table Cigarettes For Sale. There is often a pot of herbal tea on the table in summer and autumn. According to the mother, the villagers came back from the farmland at noon and often came to the yard of Dad. They sat down under the gazebo and drank two cups of tea before
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